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Getting Married? This Is Why You Need A Designer Wedding

It is not wrong to say that people are obsessed with designer tags… on clothes and decor! Designers exude just positive energy and have fabulous wit, wisdom and humour. They are the best people to be around – wedding or

Ambika Anand Picks 6 Top Looks From The 91st Academy Awards

While most stars were seen sporting pink, black is never going out of style; worn successfully by Lady Gaga, Irina Shayk and Ashley Graham. I love the architectural vibe of Lady Gaga’s Alexander McQueen dress paired with that stunning neck

5 Swimsuits Every Girl Needs To Own In Her 20s!

Flirty silhouettes, playful cuts and classic trends, there’s a lot to try and pick from. While I understand that making this choice is not easy, I’m here to help you with the process! I picked all the bikini styles that