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#TrendAlert: To Dress Like The Stars, Choose ‘Black’ Over ‘Red’ This Festive Season

Shah Rukh Khan’s Diwali party this year has changed the perception of ‘black’ as an inauspicious colour, for many! Why you ask – well, because the hosts – SRK and Gauri, and their daughter Suhana were all in black! I, personally, loved Susana’s outfit, that was created by Monisha Jaisingh – I felt it’s the freshest take on Diwali couture.

The rest of Bollywood brigade – from Katrina, Alia, Shraddha to Malaika and Kareena – all followed suite and wore black. So we’re guessing ‘black’ is the new red for Indians – finally!

I feel that everyone, at the end of the day, wants to look good; and black is forever-flattering! Taking cue from the west, ‘black’ is always a great option when is comes to cocktail dressing, and Hollywood has inspired us, in more ways than one.

I’m also speculating whether the upcoming weddings of Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Isha Ambani’s are inspiring designers make the most of all colours under sun.

After all, in the season of #Deepveer, #Nickyanka and #Ishanand – three high profile weddings in such close proximity, Bollywood designers must be a scarce commodity in Mumbai; because it’s not only the brides and grooms who need to be dressed, but the guests, too. So, I feel ‘black’ is being revived, as the designers are running around getting their hands of the newest colour inventions!

I personally wore ‘black’ at a Diwali night a few years ago – because unlike the stars, I don’t have a stylist – and my black jumpsuit is my go-to outfit, because as far as I see it, black with polki, diamonds or rubies is always an auspicious idea – unless – you are a bride; but hey, that might change sooner rather than later.