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Winter Wedding Hacks: 6 Brilliant Ways To Look Good & Stay Warm, Too

The winter wedding predicament – year after year – is to look chic, yet stay warm. So, here are some easy tricks to keep the cold at bay.

1. Invest In A Gorgeous Shawl

Buy a beautiful Jamewar shawl or a Kanni – or just steal one from your mom’s wardrobe. You may not be a clothes horse, but the beauty of a shawl will make you stand out. Or how about some sparkler shawls to cheer you up. We love brand Jhanvi’s latest collaboration with Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla.

2. Put ‘Em Tights On!
Thermal tights under your lehenga or pajamas will definitely keep you nice and warm.
3. Bridemaid In Boots
Boots with lehengas and saris – might sound a bit daunting – but hey, you can start a new trend, and stay warm, too!
4. Layers Are Aways A Good Idea!
Short fur jackets or capes with a sari or lehenga are a great idea, as they look chic and keep ’em goosepimples away.
5. Velvet Is Awesome
Invest in a short velvet jacket in navy or maroon, that will work well as a sari or lehenga blouse and simultaneously take care of the chills. You can also wear a velvet salwar kameez or lehega. A standalone velvet jacket with or with out embroidery is a versatile piece of clothing as well. It can be worn with a salwar or a pair of jeans, and layered with a shawl – making you look wedding appropriate.
6. Alcohol Is Your Savior!
Carry a hip-flask with your favourite alcohol and a hot water bottle for desperate and fun times!

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