Bizarre Food

What In The World Is Squid Ink Pasta?!

We like to sometimes be clever with our headlines, and let the readers decipher our true intentions – other times our stories are so bizarre we just let them be in your face. Like black pasta, no no, squid ink

Bucket List Khana

Everything You Need To Know About Thai Food

Thai cuisine is like an exotic cousin of our homemade Chinese, usually found hiding in some unwanted corner of the regular Chinese restaurant’s menu. Thai food still seems unfamiliar and unknown to the Indian diner’s palate. Familiar as we are

Budget Dishes

6 Oreo Dessert Recipes You Need To Try

Oreos are easily the most sought after creamy biscuits. Their sugary, chocolatey-outer crust combined with the most perfect Vanilla cream. Oreos itself are having so many varieties- ranging from the classic Vanilla cream, to dark chocolate, caramel, strawberry, orange, and