5 Bizarre Food Combinations That We Have All Tried

If trying out new kinds of food combos was an offence, we’re guilty as charged! As much as we like to mix and match our outfits, we pretty much love doing the same with our food. Kudos to the people who come up with these weird concoctions after tons of experimentation with their taste buds, we are completely in awe of your food mixing skills. And as much as we hate to admit it- all of us would have tried some combination or the other out of the following. Pssst- we might even secretly have a soft corner for some! 

1. Oreos and Orange Juice

Move over, Oreos and milk! You’ve got a new competitor in town. Before you shirk from this combination, we recommend you give it a try yourself. The zesty orange goodness will seduce your senses with the already delicious Oreo cookies.

2. Chocolate on Pizza

And you thought pineapples on pizza should be banned? Well, that’s clearly not happening, as there’s more to the story. Chocolate is so sinfully delicious in itself, and it being combined with pizza can only result in fireworks!

3. Hummus and Hide n Seek

This combination is about as weird as it gets- so weird that we couldn’t even find a picture for it. However, loyalists swear by these delicious Choco chip cookies with the creamy chickpea dip. After all- what do we have to lose?

4. Pepsi and Ice Cream

Whoever invented this marvel needs a special place in the history of food. Pepsi with Vanilla ice cream combines the luscious texture of ice cream with the fizzy goodness of Pepsi. The two combine to give a frothy flavor that you didn’t even know existed!

5. French Fries and Ice Cream

Before you go agog at this eccentric combination, try it once yourself! The salty crispy French fries go so well with the cold, creamy vanilla ice cream. Who needs ketchup when there’s ice cream?

So before you swipe left on this article, try at least some of the combinations out of these and let us know how you liked it!

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