5 Times Your Maggi Was Cooler Than Before

Who all here have eaten the famous 2-minute Maggi noodles with their simple masala and no vegetables? Well, time to move over, plain old boring Maggi! We have all been eating it since childhood and it’s time to try something new. The food market is abuzz with all-new Maggi versions such as Cheese, Chilli and Italian. But this is about something different- some brand new innovations that have taken the Maggi market by storm. We’re not just referring to these flavours- there are entire dishes that have been invented taking our childhood sweetheart Maggi as the base. What all have you tried?

1. Maggi Pizza


Because when in doubt- pizzafy! This pizza layered with the goodness of cheese and tomato sauce has cooked Maggi on top with some vegetables like onions, capsicums, red bell peppers, or whatever you like on your pizza! Your pizza preferences will never be the same- guaranteed.

2. Maggi Samosa

Samosas tend to get hurt- as they too have ‘fillings’ inside. Maggi makes for an interesting filling and very different from the regular aloo or paneer fillings. Maggi gives the samosa a more chewy, yet spicy texture. Layer up your samosas with maggi today.

3. Maggi Bhel

Maggi makes for a great substitute for traditional bhel. Instead of going for the regular puffed rice, try uncooked Maggi Noodles as a crunchy alternative. Top it like you usually would- with chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander, and chaat masala, and Maggi masala too.

4. Maggi Dosa

The Maggi Revolution isn’t limited to fast food dishes alone. The humble South Indian Dosa has been revamped with a Maggi filling instead of Onions or Masala. The crispyness of the Dosa goes perfectly well with the chewy, Maggi taste that we all adore.

5. Maggi Burger

Fancy a patty made entirely from Maggi, filling a burger? We have that for you too! The Maggi burger combines the sinful deliciousness of a Maggi with the gorgeous dish that is the burger. You thought you couldn’t have it all? Well, yes, you can!

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