5 Weird Samosa Fillings

Samosa is basically just a thin layer of maida filled with the choicest ingredients and fried till golden-brown perfection. What more could anyone want from an Indian snack? Samosa is easily the most versatile desi tidbit that perfectly complements every meal (and probably the tastiest too!) However, just like any other snack, the samosa too has its eccentricities and absurdities. Check out these five weird samosa fillings that we could find.

1. Pasta Samosa

Because why fear when you can combine Maida with more maida? Move over boring aloo samosas! Delicious, tangy, tomato and cheese pastas are here to make our samosas brand new and make our stomachs go gaga.

2. Cheese Samosa

What could possibly go wrong with samosas with cheese filling? The outer fried, crispy texture gives way to soft, cheesy gooeyness. Double the calories, and double the taste!

3. Keema Samosa

Keema Pao is now passé- samosas filled with keema are the new in-thing! Just when you thought your samosas couldn’t get any better- they added a whole new meaty, chewy, and delicious dimension to it.

4. Khoya Samosa

Indians are at their desi innovative best when it comes to food innovations. This is our best Indian sweet offering combined with the best Indian salty offering. The goodness of Khoya inside a samosa should officially be a thing.

5. Chocolate Samosa

Nothing is complete without chocolate in it- neither is our beloved samosa. We can comprise an entire menu with just these kind of samosas. With chocolate oozing out of its every pore, need we ever ask for anything more?

However weird the samosa may get with its fillings, we aren’t going to love it any less!

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