Beer Ramen: All About This Totally Crazy Combo!

As bizarre the name sounds, beer ramen is trending all over Canada and recently Singapore. Beer ramen is basically a dish similar to the Japanese soba. Made with vegetable broth, noodles and egg white, this dish resembles ‘beer’. 

So all beer and ramen lovers got the two combined in one.  The frothy top which is made with egg white and the broth mixed together looks like beer, so you can actually chug it because its not hot at all. People are obviously going crazy after this weird combination!

However, it only looks like beer, in reality it’s a non alcoholic drink. Sorry guys! The concept, introduced by the Asians is spreading all over the world and in time you will see people dancing with a glass of beer ramen in one hand and chopsticks in the other. Making a perfect blend of two, India needs it now more than ever to beat the heat.

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