Did You Know: Black Is The New Base For Pizza!

Pizzas have been our forever love isn’t it? Our taste buds relish them, our tummies crave them, pizzas even make up for those “foodgasmic” Instagram posts, right? Now our beloved pizzas are getting a dark, mysterious, Gothic makeover for you to drool over them and here’s what you need to know about it!

Food experimentation is the latest trend for sure, and why not, it has given rise to so many phenomenal dishes and “Black pizza” is probably one of them. A popular pizza chain has launched it’s new variety of pizza which comes with a black coloured crust.

The hero of the dish here is “cocoa”, a replacement for edible charcoal or added colour , cocoa not only gives these pizzas a rich black colour but also enhances the taste. This black stunner with super cheesy topping is definitely paving it’s way towards the category of dark coloured food.


The exquisite wicked black crust pizza due to it’s visual appeal is gaining more and more attention everywhere and the reviews aren’t bad either, the question here is will it stay or leave, maybe trying it out will answer the question.




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