First Pizza Crust, And Now Cauliflower Pasta Is Taking Over The World

The world is fast on a path to fitness and wellness, and sure with all the absolutely amazing things that come with this also comes slightly bizarre trends. Like the ubiquity of cauliflower. From just being well the humble gobhi-aloo subzi, it has now entered the hall of fame of schmancy Italian fare. The world is now eating cauliflower gnocchi. Sure, we rolled our eyes and gasped a little gasp when cauliflower pizza had come, but we chalked it up to better eating habits without the overt carb intake; but do we think cauliflower pasta is taking it a little too far?

Perhaps all we can say is that if something had to be replaced by the vegetable, potato is a good bet. However, next time you whip up some sage, olive oil, butter, garlic and put out a plate of beige golden beauty it would do good to your mind to know it isn’t starchy potato but sublime gobhi. Just be objective when it concerns the taste!

Till then, join us in the puzzlement.

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