Dal Makhani Cappuccino Is Officially A Delicacy Now At A Chandigarh Restaurant

Nothing beats trying a new dish; the thrill of discovering a new favourite taste is a savouring moment we all look forward to. Even if trying new foods sometimes mean requiring an iron stomach and a courageous heart. And to your delight, something new and unique for you to try has now hit Chandigarh.

A restaurant in Chandigarh has blended traditional recipes with a universally favourite beverage and presents to you the dal makhani cappuccino. This latest fad in the city is by culinary artiste Athar Hussain is served as a soup with steamed foam. Though that description doesn’t help much, the idea clearly is to experiment with a lot of flavours without actually putting much emphasis on the taste. Being called a sensory experience, people in Chandigarh crave for it quite often despite the restaurant’s USP lying in other types of dishes.

Athar Hussain’s exposure to Mughlai cuisine began at a young age as he trained under his uncle who was on this cuisine by the virtue of working as part of Mughal Khansama in Kolkata. Later, Hussain moved to Hyderabad where he worked with different local culinary masters to learn the basics as well as intricacies of Hyderabadi cuisine.

Well, considering the love for dal makhani, this experiment could have gone either way. Kudos to the chef, for coming up with this without earning rebuke from foodies.

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