6 Dishes That Prove Green Tea Is More Than Just Healthy

Green tea is a powerhouse of health and nutrition, it is actually one of the healthiest thing one can consume. It is literally pumped high with antioxidants that prevent our cells from damage. Green tea is also known to improve blood flow and inhibit high cholesterol. And while there is many eloquence waxed about this particular super-food, we often forget how truly versatile it can get when it wants to be, and when we want health and deliciousness to go hand-in-hand. 

Here are some crazy food preparations that you can actually make with green tea/ matcha and it is just blowing our mind at these food combinations! 

1. Green Tea Pesto

Move over basil, and even kale – you really want your pesto to be brimming with healthy ingredients? Choose Green Tea. Whether on pasta with Parmesan or on pizza with some olives, this is surely the yummiest green tea can get!

2. Green Tea Mochi

If Japan was a dessert, this would be it. Japanese known for their affinity to matcha and mochi had to just combine together. After the green tea Kitkat blew our socks off, this dessert is the absolute successor!

3. Green Tea Cookies

If you needed something healthy to binge on while snack-hour your life is sorted! Green Tea cookies are really the best because the taste is unmatched, and you can bake batches and batches without the albatross of calories!

4. Green Tea Cheesecake

Creamy, a little pungent, somewhat earthy, with an unbelievable texture. That’s how we envisage a green tea cheesecake and that’s exactly what we get as well! The world is full of desserts that are ingenuous and delicious and this takes the center-stage on that.

5. Green Tea Soba Noodles

A cold day, a brisk breeze, some warm gooey and spicy noodles! Now what if those noodles are actually prepped with green tea and you can eat all without the aftermath of digestive issues or calorie issues? Isn’t that the dream?!

6. Green Tea Dumpling

What a dumpling, a green tea dumpling looks like! Loaded with the smokey green tea flavour with some authentic oriental sauces may be an acquired taste, but we bet it’s one hell of an enjoyable ride!


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