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30 Days Of Halloween: 5 Dishes That Are Delicious And Scary At The Same Time

Halloween is around the corner- and we all have that one friend who is scared to his or her wits ends with the costumes, the scary movies, and the Halloween-esque atmosphere in general. But who says Halloween should be limited to clothes and decorations alone? Why not take the ‘freak’ to a new level altogether and create some unique, interesting, Halloween dishes to spice up your Halloween celebrations? They look scary, they kind of gross you out- but they are in the whole delicious, and very much devourable. So bring out the Dracula in you and  gobble these gob-smacking dishes already! 

1. Spider Shaped Cake

2. Halloween Cookies

3. Salad Platter

4. Mummy-fied Jalapeno Hoppers

5. Skull Dessert


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