Bizarre Food

Coffee Types That Will Never Let You Feel Sad

Coffee was first discovered in the province of kaffa in Ethiopia by a goat herder. He noticed that his goats were acting rather energetic and once he tried the berried himself he felt the same! That’s when the bean started

What Exactly Are Zoodles And Why We Should Eat It!

You know what we love about spaghetti, well at least some of us? It’s the comfort butteriness of it all. Spaghetti is smooth, its cheesy, its lathered in olive oil that lingers on our lips while we eat forkfuls of

What In The World Is Squid Ink Pasta?!

We like to sometimes be clever with our headlines, and let the readers decipher our true intentions – other times our stories are so bizarre we just let them be in your face. Like black pasta, no no, squid ink

6 Dishes That Prove Green Tea Is More Than Just Healthy

Green tea is a powerhouse of health and nutrition, it is actually one of the healthiest thing one can consume. It is literally pumped high with antioxidants that prevent our cells from damage. Green tea is also known to improve

5 Weird Samosa Fillings

Samosa is basically just a thin layer of maida filled with the choicest ingredients and fried till golden-brown perfection. What more could anyone want from an Indian snack? Samosa is easily the most versatile desi tidbit that perfectly complements every

5 Times Your Maggi Was Cooler Than Before

Who all here have eaten the famous 2-minute Maggi noodles with their simple masala and no vegetables? Well, time to move over, plain old boring Maggi! We have all been eating it since childhood and it’s time to try something

10 Food Festivals Around The World You Need To Visit

“There is no sincere love than the love of food.” The phrase is true in all senses for there isn’t a place that’s not known for its explicit eatables or perhaps cuisines, there’s no festival without the manifestation of a

5 Bizarre Food Combinations That We Have All Tried

If trying out new kinds of food combos was an offence, we’re guilty as charged! As much as we like to mix and match our outfits, we pretty much love doing the same with our food. Kudos to the people

4 World Records That Burgers Hold

Food can easily relieve pain with the first bite, and if it’s appetizing,  then it surely takes you on a fantasy ride! A ride where pleasure is what surrounds every other thing. It is a well-known fact that the humble