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These Bizarre Toppings Will Revolutionize Your Ice Cream

Can you say no to a rich, creamy ice cream? Whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, a big bowl of ice cream with tonnes of toppings will never fail your sweet tooth. However, if you’ve graduated beyond cheese, lettuce and tomato on burgers, why limit yourself to the usual suspects when it comes to topping an ice cream bowl. Flavours are endless, so get eating as we have rounded up the most unusual toppings that pair perfectly with their pints.

Potato Chips

It may seem like an overindulgence but topping your frozen treat with bits of potato chips creates an explosion of tastes in your mouth. You can feel the salt from your favourite chips making everything else explode and become a bigger better flavour.


Lavender is not only about bathroom candles and aroma therapy. This floral tasting herb deserves a spot on your sundae. A squeeze of lemon will give a tangy touch to all the floral notes bursting inside your mouth. Keep in mind vanilla bean is lavender’s perfect match.


All thanks to our brains’ response to sweet and salty combos! One of the most addicting snacks, salty popcorn gives your sundae a texture that bridges the smooth ice cream and its nutty crunch. The snack turned sundae is the perfect comfort food for a Sunday night.

Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are delicious but have you ever imagined them sitting in top of you sundae? Well! This spicy topping giving us Middle Eastern cuisine feels really works well. However, don’t forget to spice up your chickpeas with spicy flavours before you pop them in the oven.


When in doubt, sprinkle bacon. Generously. Pour some chocolate sauce and add more bacon and your sundae will be the star of the party.



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