What In The World Are 3D-Sculpted Cakes?!

If you thought food was an art in itself, requiring knowledge of intricacies and techniques- 3D sculpted cakes reaffirm this perspective! The humble pineapple-cream-on-vanilla-sponge cake has got a revamped new avatar, as cakes are now 3D, AND sculpted. These cakes are humongous, yet gorgeous looking. After you marvel at the beauty of these cakes, they amuse your taste buds with their delectable taste- leaving you craving for more.

If there was a dollar anyone could give us for every time the world invented a weird food item- we would have been filthy rich! As home baking undertakes an all-new serious avatar, crafting a cake from scratch is no longer a joke. There are several home bakers who have converted their passion for baking into a full-time vocation. The techniques of making these cakes often parallel those of sculpting life-size statues! One such passionate baker-cum-foodie is Daniel Dieguez, who hails from Spain.

Daniel Dieguez, and many such other talented artists will be presenting their sculpted 3D cake artworks in an event titled “Cakeology 2018”. This event is currently underway in Goregaon, Mumbai and is on till the 7th of October. We strongly recommend a visit for all foodies to witness a whole range of skills from cake making, to sculpting, baking, and chocolate making! There are going to be exclusive workshops with acclaimed professionals brought together only to make us learn the art and craft of baking. The whole baking segment’s production chain, from raw materials, to accessories, to equipment, sugar confetti, cakes, pastries and chocolates- will be available for you right at your doorstep. Head on to fulfill your sweet tooth and have a sugar-filled weekend!