What In The World Is Squid Ink Pasta?!

We like to sometimes be clever with our headlines, and let the readers decipher our true intentions – other times our stories are so bizarre we just let them be in your face. Like black pasta, no no, squid ink pasta lets you really understand the whole concept without much anticipation!

Squid ink is essentially, pause for gasp, is a cephalopod ink which is basically released in the water by species such as a squid. This was, as the name suggests,used as actual ink in the past and only evolved as a colouring sauce later. This ink is now used in many-an-Italian fare especially pasta and is known to actually be flavourful and super healthy!

squid ink noodles

However, it is still black, it is still squirted out of  a squid – so jury is out on if we are actually going to savour this bizarre delicacy!