5 Food Trends From 2018 That Need To Die In 2019

We searched all over the interweb to understand what the world was eating, reluctantly and otherwise, in the year 2018. And we came across the good, the bad, the ugly and the straight up bizarre. From the botanical to the teenybop. From the very obnoxious to the very unnecessary. Could you imagine wolfing down gold? Or having cactus juice slither through your precious throat? Well, apparently these oddities tried to mask themselves as food and people actually gave them a chance. But we desperately hope that these food trends die the next year, so we go back to being nice to our palate!

1. Algae

Ok we get seaweed, but we don’t get algae as a whole? And sure we might be stuck on semantics, but do you really want to eat kai? For a lack of a better word. Why would you? If you must up your leafy intake and your antioxidants -go the traditional way! Don’t eat something that literally grows near water…

2. Glitter Food

Imagine applying glittery make-up getting stuck on your cheeks and eyes long after a night-out, and then it sliding into your mouth and you coughing and feeling the worst kind of parched taste that you feel when you take a mouthful of sand? We mean come on really now, do you want to taste food like that?!

3. Veggies As Glasses

Ok watermelon works, but carrot doesn’t; cucumber doesn’t either. Don’t just try to be so creative that you end up being a little weird. So stop culling out vegetables, and putting other food in it. It is not a salad bowl, it is just really random!

4. Gold

No, no. Gold on anything is just the wrong way to go about it. Whether it is sweet or savoury, no one outside of Liberace wants to eat gold. It is tacky, it doesn’t taste well, and between you and us – it looks a tad like you are trying too hard!

5. Cactus Juice

Um, unless you want to die while consuming something? In theory, this is exotic and fancy, but in practice it amounts to basically scalding your throat with something spikey!

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