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A Love Letter To The Most Comforting Food Ever – Spaghetti!

Ever loved something truly complicated? Something that had so many entanglements but ultimately worth the effort of peeling away every layer till the very end? Spaghetti is the original gangster of comfort food. It is the food you enjoyed as

6 Reasons To Include Kaju In Your Everyday Routine

What is your favourite past-time snack? Well, most of us have a weakness towards cashew nuts, or our favourite Kaju, but restrict ourselves from eating them due to all the ‘high calorie talks’. But to your delight, there are more

This Andhra Gongura Chicken Is Every Meat Lover’s Paradise

Gongura in Telugu, ambadi in Marathi, tenga mora in Assamese, pitwaa in Hindi, and mestapat in Bengal, different names given to our very own tasty, tangy and healthy sorrel leaves. These leaves are used to cook numerous mouth watering delicacies and guess what?, we are going to present one

8 Pasta Dishes You Need To Eat Before You Die

There’s no greater good than food, and no greater food than Pasta. We don’t even need to exaggerate because that is as true as it gets. Delicious, decadent pasta that is also comforting and soul stirring. And not only does