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A Love Letter To Pepperoni, Those Big Circles Of Sheer Flavour

Cheesus Christ! I love you, pepperoni, plentiful! You crisp edged wonder, you! I would guess your Italian friend deems you inauthentic. But don’t you have a way to become a meat eater’s favourite drape?! Yes, you’re quite a default setting,

5 Quick Power Breakfast Foods To Kickstart Your Day

Breakfast is usually considered the most important meal of the day – it sets the tone for the day and directs your mood. If you go about your day empty-stomach, chances are you will be cranky; whereas if you have

An Ode To Parathas: A Magical Treat

Every time we think of your fluffy, buttery, soft texture, our hearts skip a beat and our taste buds linger with joy; you are the magical rendition around which our childhood, adulthood and every other memory revolves. We love you

7 Chutneys That Are Integral To Every Desi Dish

We sometimes wonder if chutneys undersell themsleves; we mean we never quite regale them like we do a subzi or a dal, for that matter even achaar gets more predominance than the chutney. Because it’s just there, of a variety