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10 Desi Delicacies That Make Winters Bearable

As the temperature dips and the fog sets in, it’s time to head to the kitchen to make a hearty, warming meal. With winter in full force, keeping warm by digging into piping hot and fattening food is a sure shot way to keep those winter blues at bay. So let winter be your guilt-free pass and enjoy these drool-inducing foods that’ll keep you warm in the cold weather.

#1 Masala Chai

Indians love their chai and there’s no doubt about that. But if you’re a teAtotaler as well as an Indian food lover, there’s nothing more delicious than a cup of authentic Indian masala chai on a chilly day. A sip of masala tea literally warms your toes, much better than hot chocolate.

#2 Biryani

If you are looking for a treat to pamper yourself on chilly days cuddled into a warm blanket, you have got a gem of a dish. Even if it’s not much cold in your city and you’re a Biryani lover, stop everything else and just give into your Biryani cravings. Because we understand there’s no sincere love than the love for this royal dish.

#3 Nihari

Traditionally a soup curry, Nihari can be cooked with chicken or mutton. Since this delicacy is prepared through overnight cooking, the resultant meat is soft and extremely flavourful and is the best fit for crisp winter mornings.

#4 Shakarkandi ki Chaat

The winter chill brings with itself a street side snack that’s added to every food lover’s list – shakarkandi ki chaat. The right mix of sweet and salt, sweet potatoes are healthy to eat and can be consumed boiled or fried. Is there anything to not like about them?

#5 Thukpa

When you think of cold, foggy days and the chill that’s setting in to make you lazier you’re easily overwhelmed by the thought of something warm and nourishing to tide you over. The one thing that can cure all your woes is a perfect blend of warmth, taste, nourishment- just what you need right now. Yes, we’re talking about thukpa, the broth that satiates your taste buds and warms you to the very bones.

#6 Momos

Momos are a salvation in winter – hot dumplings with swirled pleats, fresh from the steamer, approaching you in a cloudy rush of ascending souls. After all, is there anything more comforting than digging your teeth into that juicy meat of these little pockets? It is even more of a wonder to eat them outdoors – shivering with numb, fumbling fingers.

#7 Khichdi

One of the best winter delicacies in India is undoubtedly the simple and bland Khichdi. This ‘make you feel better’ dish is yummy in taste and light on the stomach, and is the perfect meal for cold winter nights. Add a spoonful of ghee to enhance the taste.

#8 Mutton Rogan Josh

As the mercury dips and winters take hold, it is not only time to pull out your coat and gloves but also cozy up to a steaming hot and well spiced delicacy. And by that, we mean the company of a hot bowl of mutton rogan josh. Perfect for a cold and hungry Sunday brunch, you’ll love the idea of devouring your tender pieces of mutton. So take the chill off with the delectable recipe and whip up this winter.

#9 Rasam

Sweet, sour and spicy – rasam is a miscellany of interesting flavours that weave a cobweb of magical tastes around your palate. One sip of rasam and you’re already received a warm hug on a chilly, winter day. No traditional South Indian meal is complete without the savoury rasam.

#10 Kheer

Kheer is an all-time fav of millions. But how about having a piping hot bowl of kheer on a cold, winter evening? The sweet, nutty and creamy texture and the taste of well-cooked rice can entice all the five senses, toss you up in the sky with pure ecstasy and hug you warmly from within like no other.


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