Eat Your Way To The New Year, 25th-31st Indulge In These Foods

The best thing about the latter half of December is that you are supposed to not start any fad diet until January, so fitness be damned and while we can’t just as easily ‘damn’ health we can definitely treat ourselves to decadent indulgences just at the very fag end of December. To sum up, if you had only 7 days to live and eat everything, what all would you eat? Here it goes!

1.  25TH: Chocolate Cake

Because it is Christmas, so this day you don’t even need an excuse for your abject gluttony. What is even better than chocolate cake? Sure you carrot cake is right up there being all seasonal, and your cheesecake is there being all new-age, but chocolate cake has seen you through thick and thin from childhood to now, and forgive us for saying this but this cake is just evergreen. So grab a knife, pick a side, take a slice, and grab many bites!

2. 26th: Bacon Wrapped Steak

Bacon is the most delicious thing to have when you really want to indulge, but also when you really want to not give a care. Warm your insides in the brisky weather, or just simply enjoy the pleasant air – and do that with the help of some bacon. Buttery, crispy, smooth, filling – this dish will make you feel all the feelings all the while urging you to smack your lips!

3. 27th: North Indian Thali

Butter chicken, paneer lababdar, naan, dal bukhara, gulab jamun – are just some of the contents of an elaborate North Indian thali! No one can go wrong with all the delectable dishes and this meal is so satiating that ultimately the only way to really enjoy it is with a nap afterwards. So we suggest take a leave from your adulting, get a home-made or an ordered thali, and eat eat eat, then sleep sleep sleep!

4. 28th: Gajar Ka Halwa

This is that one indulgence we beg off you to not have from anywhere else but have it cooked at home, or better still learn to make it. It’s not rocket science, and it is a guaranteed tastebud tickler. Plus there is no winter without gajar ka halwa, and it will just taste better if the halo of diets and fitness isn’t hovering over your head!

5. 29th: Pepperoni Pizza

There are pizzas and then there are pepperoni pizzas, or well a good ol’ margherita pizza. It is simple, but it is decadent! It is cheesy, but it is not overbearing. It is pure joy. Order it in while you watch your favourite holiday movie and bask in the glory that in that moment your life is a blessing!

6. 30th: Sarson Da Saag Makke Di Roti

Penultimate day calls for familiar comfort, and what can be better than some sarson saag- makka roti combination? Get some white butter, some gud, achaar, and chaas – that is a heavenly winter afternoon. Remember to up the butter game because this week is all about indulgences!

7th. 31st: All Day FRY DAY

YES PLEASE WITH A SIDE OF CHEESE! Load up your fries with cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickles, everything and have them on the loop. Why? Because not only are they the best party food for your New Year shenanigans but they are also the most indulgent food ever. Don’t worry about the calories, because your new life and your new diet starts tomorrow!