4 Beer And Pizza Combos That’ll Leave You Stuffed

Today is the day of days! A day we celebrate two of life’s best treats. Beer and Pizza!

My friends and I are guilty of celebrating this day in its full glory dangerously a little too often! There is a science to why this works so well the carbonation in beer creates a lighter acidity that lifts the fats out of the cheese. With the acidity and bitterness of the beer cutting through the layers of cheese, you can enjoy the delicious combination again and again while also cleansing your palate in between each greasy bite. Another reason beer and pizza are meant to be is that the yeast in beer paired with the yeast in your pizza dough are mirror images, making the flavours meld together seamlessly.

We have over years of careful curation decided on the best Pizza topics and beer combinations.

1. Pepperoni Pizza and Guinness

The smoky, cured and fatty pepperoni washes down royally with a well poured glass of Stout! The hints of coffee and the kilned barley is smashing!

2. Margherita Pizza and Pilsner

The sharp mozzarella is excellent and believe it or not also has a lot of milk fat, the sharpness is met with a hoppy and airy pilsner and it’s a marriage of sensibility. Kingfisher works great also, just saying!

3. Seafood Pizza and Wheat Beer

Lightly roasted seafood would be delicate to bite into and an acidic, sweet and bubbly wheat beer is just the thing that adds the right kind of tinge to the combo.

4. Mushroom Pizza and English Pale Ale

The earthy “umami” flavours of the mushroom paired with the crust are the perfect softeners for the hoppy, bright and higher alcohol flavours!

So, don’t spend too much time twiddling your thumbs. Go, get out there and order that 12 inch and that cold one!



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    Wowww sets my taste buds alight

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