Pepperoni Pizza Bucket List

6 Gifs That Basically Suggest Pepperoni Pizza Is The Lord Of Foods

Pepperoni Pizza is like a fancy Margherita. Don’t take us wrong, Margherita in it’s minimalism is fancy and elegant enough but there is something wonderfully crispy and delicious about pepperoni that changes the whole game. The cheesy cheese, the flavourful pepperoni and the absolute warmth that you get with each bite is unparalleled. Here are six gifs brought to you specifically so you abandon the rest of your productive bits of the day, order some pepperoni pizza and sit back to enjoy life as God intended you to! 

1. Look at how easy it is to share, equal amount cheese, equal amount pepperoni, infinite amount joy.

I Love Pizza GIF

2. Can you even stay sad or pissed while slicing out this cheesy godliness?

Food Porn Vintage GIF

3. Do we want to get hypnotised by pizza? Yes we do, unabashedly!

4. Pepperoni Pizza as birthday cakes? Why not? We won’t even mind ageing in that sense!

Pizza Pepperoni GIF

5. But should we even bother telling how good it is when you can just see this?

Food Porn Pizza GIF

6. The world is ours to take, and we want to take it Pepperoni pizza way!

Photo Finish Records Pizza GIF by The Mowgli's


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