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8 Indian Dishes That Will Make You Fall In Love With Coastal Food

The moment we mention the word coastal cuisine, it’s assumed that it would be seafood and coconut that we are taking about. And, why not? The impression isn’t out of sync. Though hard to believe, but at first glance, India’s coastal cuisine appears to be meat and seafood heavy, thanks to the natural abundance! But then, for every Prawn Gassi, there is always a Vegetable Ishtu and for every Chicken Cafreal there is a Calicut Brinjal Curry, thus making the cuisine rather diverse when it comes to representation of different kinds of dishes in India.

Here, we present to you the 8 most delicious coastal preparations from across the country.

Prawn Rissoles

Portuguese patrons of seafood snacks passed this prawn preparation on to the citizens of Goa. This bite-sized melt-in-your-mouth starter is deep fried pastry dough filled with chopped prawn in white sauce. You can enjoy this appetiser on the beach with a chilled pint of beer.

Daab Chingri

Daab Chingri is not only served in a coconut but also cooked in one. Though this dish is a popular combination of coconut and prawns, it has a touch of creativity that sets it apart from other seafood dishes. The Bengali recipe doesn’t use the hardened and shelled mature coconut but rather it’s the tender coconut that adds the delicious mild flavour to Daab Chingri.

Malabar Fish Curry

One of the most popular preparations of Kerala, the spicy Malabar fish curry is simply the one of the tastiest of all coastal cuisines. This wonderful dish consisting sardines semi-stewed in a Kerala-style curry with assorted vegetables is ideal for all fish lovers.

Kolambi Bhat 

As the name Kolambi Bhat suggests, it is a Maharashtrian delicacy made out of rice and prawns. Being a coastal recipe, fresh coconut milk is used in abundance while cooking rice and prawns together like porridge.

Fish Gassi

Drive your taste buds nuts with this tangy and spicy fish curry from Andhra Pradesh. The delicious fish is stirred in a coconut and masala paste and then simmered in tamarind paste and coconut milk. The burst of various flavours in your mouth will simply satisfy your hungry soul.

Chungdi Malai

Chungdi Malai is a must have seafood platter from Odisha. Essentially a creamy prawn curry, it gets its richness and silkiness from coconut milk. The preparation is further enriched by treating the curry with mild spices. This recipe is undoubtedly a finger licking dish with hot steamed rice.

Creole Crevette

Creole Crevette from Puducherry is the perfect blend of Indian and European cuisines. While Indian cuisine is known for its spices, and the Europeans for their rich creaminess, this dish serves as the best of both worlds. Primarily a prawn preparation, but other meat can also be used, depending on your palate.


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