A Love Letter To Chocolate Cake

One chance. One glance. That’s all it takes to start a real romance, right? Colours? Brighter. Sounds? More resonant. Smells? More powerful. That’s how it feels to be in love, in love with chocolate cake.

A love so deep, a love so ‘dark’ it encompasses bliss, passion, pleasure, desire, contentment. All your emotions come gushing out like ‘molten lava’. Why wake up with your face submerged in someone’s armpit when you can sleep right next to your beloved sweet, smooth, sometimes nutty, half-eaten chocolate cake?

That flavourful fudge frosting on your tongue, oh the seraphic fudge. Chocolate cake must be the food of the gods. Digging into the tasteful goodness ganache first sends our taste buds trembling, mouthful and we hear the angels calling. Oh the toothsome slice of heaven!

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