A Love Letter To Sambar

Sambar can do no wrong. Let’s be real with that information. Sambar, whether with an Idli dunked or accompanying a dosa or simply at home with rice. Sambar evokes as unanimous an opinion as ubiquitous its presence is. Our love letter to sambar is about how on a rainy night and a cold day, the only thing that can make us feel comforted is a big bowl of sambar.

Brimming with lentils, and veggies, and a tangy tinge of imli – its the most flavourful dish packed with nutrients and the choices of masalas that make it a flawless dish. We mean, would you ever think that dal, drumsticks, lauki, and gajar would amount to something that you greed on over forever and ever?!

Evoking a sense of something exotic in taste, but something super familiar in its feel – sambar is the food that you yearn for at all given scenarios. Stranded alone in a foreign land with snow flakes falling on your head in the most non-romantic way, all you want to do is warm up some sambar, whip up a quick side dish and gobble it up. Which brings us to our next point; sambar with coastal fish, sambar with idli / vada, sambar alone – paired with all but a hero in every right. The dish works so well with breakfast, lunch, dinner that we wonder if its possible to have sambar with every meal and still have more variations to experiment with?

And lastly, what is quintessential Indian cuisine without an overload of sensory explosions? Dishes that look beautiful, taste heavenly, and flush our cheeks with pleasure! Foodgasm in its most literal sense? And Sambar is right there being the most quintessence of all quintessential! Our love letter to sambar is about how flawless and evergreen and relevant this dish is!

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