Pizza Lovers

A Love Letter To Pizza

Have you ever tried to frown when eating a pizza? Or be sad? Or cry into the cheesy base glistening with veggies and meat and herbs so delicious?! We bet you haven’t. And how could you? It’s not guilt inducing like chocolate or pretentious like a salad or fancy like caviar. It is simple and easily accessible and of so many varieties. For all of you who love pizza like you love a person, or more, read this. This is for all the pizza lovers out there.

1. Such Beauty. Oh My.

A Letter to Pizza

The fluffy dough, the thick red sauce, the golden cheese. A shout out to the most versatile food ever that is a mix of so many hues and texture, that forget eating pizza -we would readily wear pizza. Or something pizza adjacent in the colour scheme. All that hot cheese might prickle our skin.

2. Your Fragrance Wafts Through Our Senses

Love Letter Pizza

Imagine a long hard day that just passed you, and an unopened bottle of wine, or an unopened can of your favourite cola. Imagine ordering a pizza that warms your soul from within with a power so potent that you want to smell its intoxicating aroma that knows you have had a long day, and it is here to calm your soul.

3. Yes Please, Give Us Cheese

cheese on a pizza

The one thing in the world which is overrated but still remains underrated is the cheese on a pizza. There is nothing that compares to the lovely sticky cheesiness of warm cheese holding all those toppings together to the sturdy pizza base. The crunch of all those veggies atop your cheese, creating a concoction of pure love!

4. Evergreen Support

Great times for pizza lovers

Thank you, pizza, for being the strongest support that there is. With all the goodness, all the purity. For those nights we fought with our lovers, and had that terrible meeting at work, and felt homesick, or wanted to pig out; thank you for understanding I needed some coddling, some warmth, and a lot of cheer.

5. Always Surprising Us

Happy Pizza Lovers

You are deep dish when we want to feel greasy, you are thin crust when we want a quick date, you are flatbread when we want to be healthy, and you are a pizzette when we want to be fancy. There is a not a role you don’t adapt to, there is not a role you don’t fulfill.

6. Never Can Have Enough Of You

kale fruit pizza

We can truthfully, have pizza everyday all day without remorse. On days we can have kale fruit pizza if it is so important to be healthy, but our true love will always be you. After all you never disappoint us, you never think of yourself before us, you only want to make us happy. And how you succeed!

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