6 Baked Goods That Are Too Gooey To Give Up

Baked goods are truthfully better than fried foods, if you ask us. They are carby and fatty, sure, but they aren’t that adverse for our bodies either. Plus don’t we all just bake things in order to get the ooey-goeey cheesiness out of our meals. Here are 6 meals that are full of mush and if you are a foodie, you will definitely hit the oven now!

1. Lasagna

You can’t have a fork full of lasagna in your mouth and even think of being sad. Whether meaty or veggie, the cheesy layers of lasagna are the most important soul food in life!

2. Baked Potato

Easy to whip, very fulfilling, and varied in their toppings. Cheese, protein, beans, a potato and there you go! Comforting and satiating, so truly perfect!

3. Pizzette

We mean they are pizzas. Do we need to elaborate more? And multiple pizzas with different toppings is just icing on the cake!

4. Shepherd’s Pie

Ah! Minced meat under a blanket of cheesy goodness. Baking was never this nuanced, and we are lovers of this dish!

5. Onion Soup

Can we please just say WOW?! French onion soup with toasted baguette is the essence of comfort food, plus with the right amount of cheese this is revolutionary.

5. Chocolate Cake 

Lastly! The reason why ovens exist for us! So we can just bake up cookies, cakes, and all things sweet! Imagine if we couldn’t whip this delicacy up at our own convenience. What a sad life to live!