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Lager With Chicken Tikka? These Are The Best Beer – Khaana Combinations

Beer is very forgiving- it’s quite difficult to find a food-beer combination with any critique. The ease at which beer marries almost any dish in any cuisine might make conscious pairing look like a waste of time. However, bringing together the right beer and the right dish results in such a satisfying experience that it’ll change your perceptions about using one to complement the other.

Here’re 6 types of beer and that one Indian dish that perfectly complements your lager or ale.

Light Lager and Tandoori Chicken

For new drinkers, light lagers are a typical entry point into beer. They taste light and a little malty as they’re made with bottom fermenting yeast that has a lower tolerance to alcohol. And trust me, tandoori chicken and light lagers have a cosmic connection. The universe brought them together to remind skeptics that happiness after all exists. The meaning of life lies between digging into spicy, succulent chicken pieces and putting out the fire with cold, refreshing light lagers.

India Pale Ales (IPAs) and Goan Vindaloo

Firstly you need to know that India Pale Ale doesn’t hail from India. These hoppy beers have bold flavours that pair well with dishes that have a bit of heat or are strongly spiced (tamarinds, cinnamon, cardamom), thus making it perfect for a lot of Indian entrees or main meals. Its bitter finish and thick feel in the mouth goes well with the aromatic Goan vindaloo– this powerhouse of flavours with its mild heat is the perfect dish to pair with your Indian pale ale.

Amber Ale and Smoked BBQ

Popularly known as pale ale, they are usually hoppy but carry lower alcohol content than IPAs. And what could be better than smoky appetizers to compliment this beer. Be it smoked pork or chicken or veggies, the smokey flavour you feel inside your mouth is exactly what you need after taking a sip of the malty sweetness followed by a moderate caramel flavour.

Brown Ale and Naan with Yogurt

Yes, Naan! You must’ve never imagined but brown ale’s toasty flavours and bready malt base just blend perfectly with the chewy yeast-leavened naan. The sour yogurt acts as a sauce that sings above the beer’s well matched toasty base, thus making this beer an excellent backdrop for the sauce’s delicate flavours.

Wheat beer and Amritsari Fish Fry

Wheat beers are fabulous for their flexibility in terms of food matching. It’s the beer world’s equivalent of a crisp white wine. But wheat beer and Amritsari fish fry is a standout amongst all the pairings. Nothing can better compliment a sip of chilled wheat better than the spicy and tangy flavours bursting on your taste buds. Squeeze a few drops of lemon and sprinkle some chaat masala and we can’t tell if you’ll drink more or eat more.

Stout Beer with Chicken Tikka

The classic Indian chicken tikka adopts a beer that quiets the heat and finds its voice in the heavy sauce. And there’s exactly where you need a stout beer. The creamy rich sauce masks the beer’s astringency, while the cool, clean liquid tames the heat between the bites.


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