7 Amazing Beer Cocktails To Kick Off The Happy Hour

We surely love sipping on straight-up beer, but sometimes you just want some more than just a few old bottles of suds. For those days, go ahead and give a makeover to your favourite brew into one of these seven refreshing beer cocktails. And if the words ‘beer’ and ‘cocktail’ together make you wince, wait till you try these cocktails because ‘bottoms up’ is the only thing you’ll know then.

1. Michelada

It’s time to up your bloody Mary game! Take it in a new direction with a glass of this spicy Mexican lager and lime beverage because when made well, there’s nothing more refreshing and bracingly flavorful than Michelada.

2. Lemon Shandy

Most beer cocktails are easy, but very few are as simple as the lemon shandy. This popular drink requires just two ingredients and it is the just the summer perfect way to add a little citrus to your favorite Weiss beer.

3. Black & Tan

Is there anything better than beer sitting atop beer? Impress your friends as you fill half of your glass with a lager and finish it off with a dark beer, so that it rests on top. And when it’s a mix of stout and pale ale, all you’re left with is a delicate balance of flavours.

4. Black Velvet

Here’s your fancier version of a black & tan. Swap out the light beer for whatever champagne your budget allows and you’re good to go. One part dark beer, one part champagne, all parts awesome!

5. Irish Car Bomb

Think twice before you go for an Irish car bomb because this bomb shot isn’t for the faint-hearted. Pour half a glass of dark beer, fill a shot glass with equal parts Irish whiskey Irish Cream, drop the shot into your pint glass and say your prayers. We’ll pray for you as well!

6. Baesar

Beers help in hangover and baesar is for the day when you’re so hung over that even a classic can’t help you. Give a refreshing twist to the classic Caesar by mixing it with pale ale. To spice things up, garnish with celery or bacon or whatever else you can dream of.

7. Beergarita

Margarita lovers, look away from the traditional because there’s new kid in town. Pour limeade, tequila, water, and beer into a large pitcher and quench your thirst away. It’s perfect for a summer brunch as nothing says ‘ready to relax’ like a slushy margarita!


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