8 Delicious Desserts You Can Make With The Humble Biscuit

Biscuits were all of ours’ favourite snack growing up. There were and still are always numerous flavours available in the market and well, we could never get enough. However, did you know that apart from being an all time favourite munchie, biscuits can also be used as an ingredient for some delectable desserts. Here are our top picks :

1)  Biscuit Brownies

The most hassle free and easiest dessert recipe we have ever come across, biscuit brownies are bound to become a weekly ritual for you.

2) Biscuit Chocolate Roll

This mouth watering dish can be prepared in 20 minutes or under!

3) Instant Strawberry Cheesecake

Take some strawberry jelly, vanilla ice cream, cheese spread and whisk. Prepare the crust using coarsely powdered marie biscuits. We bet this cheesecake will be a super-hit among your friends.

4) Biscuit Lemon Pie

Who knew this tangy, scrumptious dessert could ever be made with biscuits?

5)  Biscuit Sandesh

A crunchy twist to this ever so delicious Bengali delicacy by coating our Sandesh balls with tea biscuit crumbs.

6) Coffee Biscuit Pudding

This no-bake pudding is a blessing for everyone with keen taste buds and little time.

7) Biscuit Banoffee Pie

All ingredients of this flavoursome pie are pre-prepared and making it is completely hassle free.

8)  Ice Cream Sandwich

The combination of ice cream and biscuits is heaven on Earth. This dessert is child’s play. Grab your favourite biscuit & make some delicious ice cream sandwich for your midnight cravings.