6 Reasons To Include Kaju In Your Everyday Routine

What is your favourite past-time snack? Well, most of us have a weakness towards cashew nuts, or our favourite Kaju, but restrict ourselves from eating them due to all the ‘high calorie talks’. But to your delight, there are more reasons to gorge on Kaju; these tiny kidney bean shaped nuts are the powerhouses of an array of nutrients. Here’s why you shouldn’t feel guilty to welcome the buttery, sweet and salty cashew nuts to your everyday routine.

benefits of eating cashew nut

1. Benefits Skin

Cashew nut oil, which is extracted by the cold press method does wonders for the skin. Applying it on the skin regularly works as a natural moisturiser and also provides a smooth skin texture.

2. Fights Cancer

Cashew nuts contain proanthocyanidins- a class of compounds that starve tumours and keep malignant growth cells from spreading. Various research studies claim that eating 12 cashews a days lessens the risk of cancer, especially colon.

cashew nuts nutrition

3. Protects Eye

Rising pollution levels are leading to spread of eye infections; however, eating cashew nuts can keep infections at bay. These kidney shaped seed is high on an antioxidant pigment which promptly and legitimately forms a defensive layer over our retina to protect us from the harmful UV beams.

4. Reduces Weight

Not too much but including 2-3 raw, unsalted cashew nuts in your morning routine helps balance body weight. Small amounts of cashews fell in losing those extra pounds because of the presence of Omega 3 fatty acids that boost metabolism and burns excess fat.

Healthy food Habits

5. Prevents Heart Attack

Being rich in Vitamin E, cashew nuts help in blood circulation. Blockage of arteries which causes cardiac arrest can be avoided by sprinkling a few cashews on your morning meal or even on sautés for lunch.

6. Haircare

Everyone wants shiny, long and stress-free hair, and cashew oil works wonders on hair since it contains copper. Copper is a blessing for hair; it helps in hair growth and prevents grey hair, hair loss making it silky and smooth.

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