7 Times Chinjabi Was The Only Cuisine That Satisfied Us

Indian- Chinese food is basically an entire spectrum of comfort food that is so definitively soul-stirring, one feels aghast at the sheer capacity it possesses to make us binge-eat the way we do. No, we don’t just stop at the spring rolls, we want the chili paneer, the chili chicken, then the honey soaked everything, with the pan fried noodles, with the extra chili red sauce. We are suckers for this cuisine, affectionately referred to as Chinjabi, because how else can you get oodles of taste and emotions at the same time? So what are these dishes that help us stay afloat on the shittiest of days? Here they are. 

1. Honey Chili Potatoes 

Crunchy, sweet, a little spicy; these potatoes are the redefined and better version of french fries, especially what with the little scallions and sesame seeds. Try stopping at just 1, 5, or 10.

2. Spring Rolls

There is truly something special about the fillings in spring rolls, because we can gobble them up even if we don’t believe in the idea of veggies. That and the absolute heaven like texture of the rolls! Dip ’em in some sweet and sour sauce and we can bet you will unlock new levels of eating.

3. Chili Chicken

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What is better than some hot and flavourful fried rice with some chili chicken on the side? Soaked in aromatic gravy with veggies, chicken, peanuts – this is just the most wholesome meal ever!

4. Chili Paneer

Unless of course you are a vegetarian, and then you get to have some buttery smooth paneer in delicious schezwan gavy with some fresh offering of vegetables!

5. Chowmein

Well, well, well – if it isn’t the icon of Chinese food for Indians. From bowl-fulls at our roadside stalls, to birthday parties, to healthy versions made at home, to having a plate full of orange noodles with 32597 fillings make us feel the best. Like, the same amount of best Butter Chicken would make us feel, or samosa. Or a chowmein filled samosa.

6. Manchurian

Oh, whether lauki or gobhi – manchurian is just what the doctor orders so many times when we want to eat something remotely like ghar ka khaana, without the mundane routine bit of it.

7. Garlic Noodles

And lastly, the sheen of fried garlic noodles is unbeatable. Spring onions, garlic, scallions, pink onions, SO MUCH SPICE. This is that dish you die eating, but you know it is totally worth it.

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