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You Can’t Miss Out On These Delicacies When You’re in Meghalaya For NH7 Weekender

India’s North-East region has a vibrant taste in food with rice being their staple. They combine all their dishes with rice, meat, lots of greens, bamboo shoot and various other ethnic ingredients. This cuisine is a very simple, authentic and tasty one and is always infused with a lot of love from the locals. Meghalaya is a place where you get ethnic food in every corner and they are proud owners of this cuisine. The flavours and taste of the cuisine reflects the strong cultural background and bond that the people residing there share.

And since NH7 Weekender, Shillong is about to start and I’m sure most of us are not going to miss this experience. Hence, here is a list of some delicacies you just can’t miss out on when you are in Shillong. Thank me later!

BIG Momo

Momos are a big attraction in the North-East region, whether small or big. Although the small momo is found in almost every part of North-East, the BIG Momo has its origin in Meghalaya. It is like any other regular momo with just a little twist in it. Unlike the regular momo, as the name suggests itself, the BIG Momo is a big single piece momo served with the regular stuffing of any meat you like. That single momo is so filling in itself that you won’t need another one. Just like any other momo, even this is served with red chilli chutney and soup. And they are a match made in heaven!

Jadoh with Pork Curry

Jadoh is a signature dish of Meghalaya and the pork there is found in its best quality. It is similar to that of a biryani which is made of local short grained red rice which is slightly sticky. Jadoh is an appetizing dish especially because of it rich and unique flavors. The rice is cooked with a generous amount of meat especially pork, fish or beef and a mixture of some ethnic spices. The dish, once its ready is served with a delicious pork curry. For those willing to be more adventurous, Jadoh can also be cooked in pork blood. If you love pork, this is a dish not to be missed.

Bamboo Shoot Beef with Rice

Beef is one of the favorite meats of the locals there. Right from the moment you enter Shillong you won’t fail but notice parallel lines of raw fresh beef stores. They have one of the best beef stocks in India and the best bamboo shoot as well. The aroma of Bamboo shoot and the meat is so strong that a very small amount of spices are added in it. The bamboo shoot makes the dish irresistible and once you taste it, you’ll be hooked. This delicious beef curry is served with Joha rice.

Nakham Bitchi

This dish is similar to a soup and is usually consumed after a heavy meal. It is very popular among the people of Meghalaya and is considered as a palate cleanser. Nakham is a special kind of fish which is either sun-dried or fire-dried. This dried-fish is then fried and boiled in water to make a thick rich soup. The soup is then flavored with lots of spices and various chillies and pepper to make it tasty and tangy, suitable for the Meghalayan weather. It does not get better than this!

Smoked Pork

Pork and rice together makes the stable diet of Meghalaya. And as I already said that Meghalaya has the best quality of pork, it would be an utter shame if you visit Meghalaya and not tried some smoked pork. The succulent pork is pure magic and creates an explosion of flavour in your mouth. The smoked pork, combined with some greens and chillies, enhances the flavor of the entire dish and creates a masterpiece.


Kyat is a must-have party drink, especially for Nh7 Weekender. It is a local fermented rice beer which is basically prepared from fermented rice which has a unique flavor to it. The rice is boiled along with water, and garnished with local ingredients. Shillong has umpteen places that serve up Kyat. A true symbol of Meghalayan hospitality begins with offering a glass of Kyat to their guests.

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