8 Classic Desi Dishes That Are Our Forever Comfort Food

Classic dishes aren’t just called that because of no definable reason. Years have passed, legacies and foundations have been established and memories formed around the dining-table, over lavish spreads, or humble spreads, but have always been mutually inclusive. These are the dishes you have the comfort of spending your Sunday afternoons with, but also being there when a party of people arrives. These dishes are the combination of something familiar but also fancy.

1. Rajma Chawal

The Grand Dame of dishes if it were. Rajma Chawal is synonymous with the phrase ghar ka khaana. It is a staple we have grown up on, but yet with every time it is cooked there is nothing but glee for us to show.

2. Pav Bhaji

Ah, the chaat that masquerades itself as a full fledged meal. One that is soft and smooth, with butter to boast of alongside the crunchiness of onions and green chillies and the tangy tingling of nimbu! The gamut of flavours make this humble offering something so wonderfully complex!

3. Poori Aloo

The breakfast of champions, this is that quintessential brunch offering every weekend. We start gobbling it up in the morning and somehow it extends till afternoon, often preceded by sweet slumber. This is the most comforting and bingeable treat ever.

4. Butter Chicken Tandoori Roti

Try saying Butter Chicken without falling deep into a vortex of your own drool! We dare you. Plus with tandoori roti, the dish deserves to be at a place where it is most coveted and most accessible.

5. Idli Sambhar

Another breakfast staple that is so delicious, we are often taken aback that it is truly one of the healthiest dishes out there too. The warmth of the sambhar juxtaposed with the texture of idli makes it for an ingenuous dish that is also so familiar!

6. Curd Rice

It is aromatic, it has multiple elements of flavours, and yet it is literally the easiest meal ever! The additions of Southern masalas with the simplicity of some dahi and the coarse nature of rice comes together to give a dish that is simple yet layered!

7. Chole Bhature

Oh the joy of Chole Bhature! It is unparalleled. The fluff of the bhatura and the tamarind soaked glaze of chola, the dish is such a decadent staple; whether cooked at home or outside, there are few joys that match the sheer bliss of having this Punjabi meal!

8. Momos

Momos are probably the hottest thing we binge on without stopping for breath, plus who can ever let go of that extra spicy red chutney?! This dish tantalises our palate in such a way, we are in absolute awe!




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