10 Times Only Indian Food Could Understand Our Heartbreak

Food binds all our emotions together in ways that end up making us truly grateful for all the meals that we get to eat. Whether we are sad or happy, food makes us feel like there’s nothing we can’t overcome. Especially when we are deep in the throes of despair. Through every little morsel of sadness and plight, food is there to somehow make it all better. There is satisfaction, warmth, and comfort in food which really nothing else even compare to. But what truly is even more precious? Indian food. Bevy of cuisines, hundreds of flavours, there is literally food for every mood and then some. Indian food at once is familiar and exotic; accessible and important.

So, here are some lipsmacking Indian dishes that will never let you down, and also pick you up should something else. 

1. Gol Gappa

For when you want to binge-eat after a terrible fight with your best friend

2. Dosa

For when you want to eat your feelings because that item you forever had in your online shopping cart got sold out

3. Biryani

For when you got yelled at by your boss in front of everyone

4. Rajma Chawal

For when you fall deeply sick over the weekend, and you had many plans

5. Chingri Maach

For when you got drenched in a sudden outpour.

6. Khandvi

For when you don’t feel like entertaining guests, but must.

7. Momos

For when you worked really hard on a test, and still scored poor marks.

8. Shahi Paneer

For when you have been dumped.

9. Aloo Paratha

For when you feel awfully lonely, away from home.

10. Kathi Roll 

For when you lost something extremely precious, and basically want to drown out that loss.


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