5 Awesome Beverages To Make Your 2019 Diwali Celebrations More Explosive

Traditionally, during Diwali, we all get pickled! Let’s face it, most of us swim in whiskey and many take dips in other heady tipples during the festive season. Here are some of my go to alcoholic treats, be it a single or a triple!

1. Amrut- Indian Single Malt

India’s first and only single malt whisky, “Amrut” Or “Amrita” is a Sanskrit word that means “nectar of life” or “nectar of the gods”. Distilled in Bengaluru, Amrut was first launched in 2014 in Glasgow and is now sold across 44 countries! If you wear your flag on your sleeve, then this is a matter of pride!

2. Yamazaki

Produced by Suntory Distillers, Yamazaki single malt is not just Japans’ number 1 single malt whisky but has also beaten most Scottish whiskey’s as well. Ranging from 12 years to 25 years aged, these babies are collectors favourites because of the low production.

3. Hendricks Gin

Hands down my favourite gin! The iconic opaque dark brown apothecary-style glass bottle, has beautiful infusions of cucumber and Bulgarian rose petals. Produced by William Grant & Sons, a major spirits giant primarily for whiskey, this is a very small batch production with only one distillery in the world. Cut cucumber as a garnish to this very special G&T.

4. Sparkling Wine

Nothing says celebration like bubbles! The bubbles of Champagne or sparkling wine are called “The Muse”! A Sula or Indian sparkling wine is lovely or maybe a Italian Prosecco which is lively floral and fruity or maybe a bready toasty more serious Champagne  like Dom Perignon or Veuve Clicquot  or a Moet Chandon which also has a rose Champagne option. Any of these will make your guests very happy that they were invited to your party!

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