Eating Healthy Just Got More Instagrammable

Usually hipsters are addressed with eye-rolls, what with their millenial entitlement and their fad diets and their constant social media validation. But we can all agree that the one good thing that has come out of it has been the idea of healthy foods. More veggies, less oil, more holistic consumption. What’s better is that a host of places have come up around us who believe in clean eating; farm to table eating; healthy eating. Because the ingredients are fresh and luscious, the dish looks darn pretty too – and isn’t that what most of us look forward to? The trio of something that is delicious, healthy, and also wonderful to look at. 

The idea is to flush out toxins, up the antioxidants one drink – one nibble – one meal at a time. Plus what’s a hearty brunch without your phone camera going click-click-clack-clack!

These are the four eateries in Delhi that are completely about the above, and lucky for us, they shared some of their most healthy and most instagrammable dishes!

1. NicoCaara 

Caara Food

Their dish Chicken & Shitake Orange glazed meat balls, made with fresh orange, healthy superfood millet salad and carrots, is a mouthful in the best way! This dish is dairy free with millet which is an excellent source of dietary fiber and is easily digestible. Most of their ingredients are freshly picked up from their own farm and thus loaded with seasonal and local fresh produce with no chemical and no preservatives added!

2. Greenr Cafe

Greenr Cafe

Beach Punch Smoothie is the real MVP of Greenr Cafe! Its ingredients include coconut milk, pineapple, pomegranate, raspberries, banana, lemon rind, ginger, chia seeds, jaggery! Wow – that is a whole lot of taste, energy, and fulfillment! Who needs a mocktail, or even cocktail when you can smoothie it up?!

3. The Grammar Room

The Grammar Room

The ultimate badge of hipsterdom that evokes a healthy ‘all of us’ is the Avo-Toast! What makes the Avocado Tartine most ‘grammable are the colours and the avocado, itself. Plus it is hot-hot-hot as well -what with jalapeno and pimiento peppers! And truth be told there are very few dishes that can load up the flawlessness of a simple #avotoast!

4. Fab Cafe

Fab Cafe

Their Caramelised Banana Cake is unique as it made without any grains, using raw banana flour desi ghee and coconut sugar to make this cake. Its paleo and low carb. Plus drizzled with grilled bananas and a palm jaggery sauce, the end result is decadent and delicious! We mean a pretty cake that is totally healthy? Sign us up for this utopia!


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