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This Breakfast Staple Is Full Of Surprises And We Tell You Why

The crunchy tips, the crispy outer shell, the moist and the tender insides- croissants are as close to perfection as any baked good can get. The warm, buttery, flakey croissant straight from the oven is love at first sight. The only job of a croissant is to be delicious and we don’t mind an inch.

Sweet or savoury, plain or filled with chocolate, here’s a list of flavourful croissants that you must have. If you don’t try these fluffy puffs even once, you’ve really missed a lot in life.

Croissants with custard and plums

Imagine a warm custard and plum-filled croissant with your coffee on your breakfast table. Yes, we are drooling too!

Cream cheese and smoked salmon croissant

Croissants are not always sweet, you know. Stuff them with your favourite sandwich treats for a heavy and heavenly treat.

Apple, pancetta and cheddar croissant

Every bite is better than the last in this perfect mix of sweet, savoury and salty croissant. This is the definition of what we believe is decadent.

Salted egg croissant

This looks divine and tastes divine. You’ll never ever forget the taste of the salted gooey goodness of the heavenly egg croissant.

Hazelnut and dark chocolate croissants

There’s nothing like too much chocolate. Bring some to your table with these hazelnut and dark chocolate croissants and it’ll rock your world.

Croissants stuffed with strawberries and brie

These fancy swirls are a great combination of fruits and cheese and it can eaten for breakfast…lunch…or dinner or as a snack. Actually anytime!

Dark chocolate croissant bread pudding

Ditch the ol’ bread pudding and bring in a twist to your meals. Serve this devilishly delectable dessert and your guests will be bugging you over the recipe.

Nutella stuffed croissants

Your nutella cravings will be satisfied the moment you dig your teeth into these croissants. The crumbs, the butter fingers, the melting chocolate, no one can settle for one croissant when there’s nutella in it.

Chicken croissant

Forget the chicken fixings on plain, boring bread and rather focus on eating it on a delicious flaky croissant.