7 Delicious Dishes To Devour This Eid

When the streets are lined up with stalls selling gorgeous prayer mats & the air filled with the delicious aroma of scrumptious delicacies, that’s when one knows for sure that Eid is right around the corner. After fasting for the entire Holy Month of Ramzan, it is only fair that Eid-Ul-Fitr has something to satiate everyone’s taste.

If you have a sweet tooth or love meats so much, they are almost essential for your survival, here’s a list of Eid’s special delicacies that none of us can get enough of.

1. Nihari 

Emerging from the royal kitchens of the Mughals, this exquisite mutton curry is infused with spices is served best with soft, tandoori rotis. Often a garnished with chopped coriander and lemon slices, Nihari has a myriad of spices and herbs including saffron, that adds to its rich aroma.  It is slow cooked overnight, oh, but, is totally worth the wait.

2. Chicken Korma

Two words – Creamy & Delicious. Korma is a traditional Indian curry in which the chicken is first marinated then slow cooked in yoghurt and masalas. This delectable dish too originated during the Mughal Era and we couldn’t be more thankful for its existence.

3. Lucknowi Biryani

Straight from the City of Nawabs, this rice preparation is the life of Eid parties. With lighty spices meats and the flavour of kewra and rose water in each bite, is has a distinct, delicate flavour and rich fragrance.

4. Nadir Yakhni

With lotus stems being a prime ingredient, Nadir Yakhni is a flavoursome dish from the Valleys of Kashmir. It is a melange of spices & herbs but the dried mint leaves and fennel seeds give it a unique flavour. Nadir Yakhni is best served with steamed rice and is as exquisite as it sounds.

5. Seekh Kabab

This delicious appetizer made with minced lamb is bound to kickstart your Eid Feast. The lamb is first marinated in a variety of spices and then cooked in the tandoor to give it an unforgettable flavour. Served with a fresh green chutney and lemon wedges, these cylinder shaped, scrumptious kababs are bound to get you gorging.

6. Shahi Tukda

An extremely popular hyderabadi dessert, Shahi Tukda is made with bread dipped in condensed milk (yum!) and ghee. It is fairly easy to make and tastes delicious. Topped with pistachios and almonds, this is as ‘shahi’ as it gets!

7. Sheer Khorma 

This lip smacking pudding made of whole wheat vermicelli cooked in milk literally translates to ‘Milk with Dates’. Originated in Hyderabad, Sheer Khorma is often garnished with chopped, roasted nuts and can be served warm or chilled.