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8 Fusion Mithai Ideas That Are Going To Completely Bowl You Over

Life’s biggest dilemmas are often about food. Come on, let’s face it, if we could satiate our hunger at the right junctures we wouldn’t have so many negative emotions piping up: like anger, or boredom. Especially if it’s a treat for our sweet tooth! From our favourite mithais to our most decadent cakes, we often wonder why should we choose between the two and why couldn’t we just gobble up a barfi soufflé?!

But this is it – we give you 8 absolutely delicious fusion desserts that combine the best of desi and videshi indulgence!

1. Rasmalai Cheesecake


One of our earnest family favourites paired with the ever perfect cheesecake. It will have the glistening texture of a cheesecake, and the familiar smoothness of rasmalai! We suggest you check the recipe out now!

2. Thandai Pista Cake


This is so perfect for summer; thandai is one of those seasonal delights that every Indian household swears by. And this time you don’t have to just enjoy it as a beverage but also as an important component for a cake! Thandai, pistachio and supreme milkiness! YUM!

3. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake


Another cheesecake recipe, but now one with that one mithai we can’t ever stop eating! Gulab Jamun! The golden hues of this mithai will add such beauty to the cheesecake, never-mind the gamut of flavours that will combine two distinct cultural palates together seamlessly!

4. Mawa Cupcake


Perfectly bite-sized, and perfectly sweet, these cupcakes will give you a wonderful reminiscence of gujiya! With the milky sweetness of mawa, this cupcake will be the new entrant to your breakfast tables, your brunch specials, and your light post dinner dessert. This will be crumbly, spongy and totally lipsmacking –trust us!

5. Kheer Crème Brulee


Two mega desserts from two different cultures of the world – Kheer and French Crème Brulee is something that can be deliberated upon with most caution. Because in theory, how can you further make these two separate dishes better? But you absolutely can! With the caramel elements of crème brulee and the softness of kheer, this dessert is a meal in itself! Try it, for this is something undeniably supreme!

6. Jalebi Cheesecake


Apparently cheesecake is the most fusion-able dessert that can be whipped up! But with jalebis it takes a new turn; unlike all the other cheesecake variations, the jalebi doesn’t get infused into the cheesecake, but acts as an external element that brings some crunchiness to the smoothness of the cheesecake.

7. Motichoor Parfait


Say what?! You heard it right! Cruched motichoor ladoo as an ingredient for a parfait is literally one of the best things ever. With layers of cream interspersed with these little droplets of orange sweetness, this parfait is something we are willing to have as an ending to every meal we eat!

8. Kesar Mousse


Say hello to the most fragrant dessert, you will ever have! Saffron infused mousse will not only be aromatic though, it will also include that one key ingredient known to Indian cuisine that will completely change the texture and the flavour. Plus this is quite the easy dish to whip up!


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