What In The World Is A Gelato Burger? Find Out Here

A very unlikely and unique combination could just become your new summertime favourite. An Italian gelato chain is offering its New York customers a wicked mash up: a gelato burger. But before you raise your eyebrows, we would like to assure you that it’s not as bizarre as it sounds. In fact, the whole thing is a delicious dessert.

To your delight, the gelato burger is no burger meets ice cream buddies like you’re imagining. Rather it’s two scoops of the flavoursome gelato ice cream nestled between a chocolate bun. The flavors include pistachio, lychee and mango! You can even choose the spread of your choice from caramel, chocolate or Nutella. While New York City is the only stateside spot serving up these treats for now, we really hope it flies to India soon as we can’t wait to dig our teeth into these unique burgers.

While gelato burgers are not super popular yet, we wouldn’t be surprised to find it trending on Instagram soon enough. However, we can’t stop thinking if the bun is soft, does the ice cream just squish and fall out when you try to bite it? Only if someone could tell us this!

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