7 Gin Cocktails That’ll Make Your Weekend More Fun Than The Last One

Weekend is here and that’s reason enough to grab a glass in your hands. Ditch the classic ol’ whiskey or your favourite mojito because it’s time to taste something new, something delicious. So shake up your drink repertoire and give gin the star treatment with these classic cocktails. 

1. Bramble

This pretty looking cocktail has lemon juice, crème de mure and seasonal berries. A true party pleaser!

2. Olive Martini

How could we forget the good, old martini? Swirling a glass in your hand, you instantly start feeling like a badass. Plus, the olives? Don’t even get us started on the kick.

3. G&T with Lemon & Rosemary

The iconic gin and tonic with a touch of the complex flavours of rosemary and lemon. We bet you won’t be able to get enough.

4. South Side

A true classic, South Side will leave you wide eyed and refreshed, all thanks to a solid dash of lemon. It’s actually a Mojito in gin-style.

5. Long Island Iced Tea

This hot mess of a drink has genes (pun intended) from all over the place! Having equal parts of vodka, rum, triple sec, gin with a splash of cola, Long Island Iced Tea is super popular and just what you need to kick start the weekend.

6. Bijou

It’s a gem, quite literally as the word ‘Bijou’ means a jewel. This herbaceous, crisp cocktail from the late 1800s has  chartreuse, vermouth, gin and some lemon bitters and is as refreshing as it looks!

7. Gimlet

This cocktail is bound to make your house party a grand success. Trust us, it does not get simpler than this! With some gin and lime juice, you’re all set for a boozy evening.



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