GT Eats: Japanese Cuisine Beyond The Usual Sushi

Japan is a dream destination for a whole bunch of people, people who form a wide variety of themes. From people who obsess over Hello Kitty to people who are hardcore anime fans to people fond of minimal but flavour packed cuisine. But in the world of typicality, the sushi always wins the Japanese cuisine battle. However, Japan is home to some outlandish delicacies that are so wonderfully and intrinsically  Japanese that we can only say – YUM!

Here are five things everyone who is planning a trip to Japan, must indulge in.

1. Mochi

This gelatinous sweet-dish is chewy, soft, delicious. Sharing its texture with the more humble marshmallow, Mochi is as Japanese as it comes. A curious taste, with ample cuteness to boast about. And if you are lucky you will stumble upon a restaurant that lets you indulge in Mochi fondue, which is perhaps the most sinful way to inhale some cheese!

2. Algae

Okay, here us out on this. Seaweed may fall under the larger ambit of Algae but this is absolutely a must-have when you are in Japan. Often provided as a necessary side-dish with your meals, this is crunchy, soaky, fresh, and nothing like you have ever tasted before. Plus vegetarians can be rest-assured that this will be that one thing minus any meat or seafood being stuffed in!

3. Kawaii

Now this you need to know about Japan – everything is supposed to hella cute! It has to be adorable, it has to be tasty, and it has to evoke the most heartwarming feel out of all patrons. In a place replete with Moomin cafes and Doreamon cafes – everything is precision oriented so even though your plate might transport you to a parallel world of surrealism your food will be all taste, and good taste.

4. Ramen

Okay, this is especially important for Indians, because we love our instant noodles. Now imagine a bowl full of some perfectly perfect noodles resting in a protein broth, topped with authentic East-Asian ingredients. Ramen is the most comforting food out there, and you get a bowl full of this at the most hole-in-the-wall ramen bars and also at flagship Japanese restaurants!

5. Blowfish

One of the best bits about Japanese cuisine is the existence of quaint Izakayas. Essentially sake bars with fried munchies that range from a spectrum of fried bamboo to fried blowfish. And the latter is a delicacy that you need to have especially if you love being adventurous with your cuisine!


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