10 Desserts That Are So Healthy You Will Forget Chocolate Cake

If you’re the one with a sweet tooth, giving up on desserts is just not an option. Even if you’re eating healthy. But we understand that every time you dig in your teeth in those scrumptious treats, a pang of guilt hits in.

However, you can bid goodbye to all those guilty hits as we present to you the healthiest sugary treats for you to binge on.

1. Organic honey toast

Sweeten your mornings by adding honey to the classic breakfast- toast. It’s delicious, trendy and also Instagram worthy.

2. Frozen chocolate banana

Here’s your frozen sweet treat with lots of nutritional punch. Frozen chocolate banana is the perfect snack living in your freezer waiting to please all in the first bite itself.

3. Oats and nuts ladoo

A healthy treat for the sweet tooth, oats and nuts ladoo is made with the nutritious combination of oats, jaggery and nuts. The intense flavour of jaggery, the mealy mouth-feel of powdered oats and the interludes of crunchy nuts will make you fall in love at first bite.

4. Sabudana kheer

Combine sabudana with low-fat milk and treat yourself to some creamy and delicious kheer. Lend an aesthetic touch with nutmeg powder and saffron and let the delicious dessert linger on your taste buds.

5. Roasted chikki

Chikki– the name is enough to tempt anyone. Indulge in this wholesome snack made from the goodness of peanuts and never be guilty about satisfying your sweet tooth again.

6. Fruit salsa

Here’s a fresh and flavourful summer condiment for your BBQ parties. Loaded with all the best fruits summer has to offer, the healthy fruit salsa is always an instant hit.

7. Pear rabdi

Luscious and creamy rabdi is hard to resist. Give it a healthy twist and prepare it with low-fat milk and grated pear, you’ll never have to let go of the delicious lingering taste again.

8. Kiwi parfait

Yogurt parfait is one of the healthiest and most delicious ways to begin your day? Dive into layers of yogurt, granola and your favourite fruits and feel the freshness bursting in your taste buds.

9. Apple Crumble

Here’s a delicacy our hearts would crumble at the sight of. Add this healthy indulgence to your menu as the fruit aroma of stewed apples together with the intense flavour of cinnamon will make you feel giddy with delight.

10. Chocolate powerhouse smoothie

Chocolate is the god of foods, literally and it’s quite difficult to let it go. Add this powerhouse to your diet as the scrumptious balance of protein, carbs and chocolaty goodness make this smoothie a winner.



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