6 Types Of Desi Breakfast Dishes That You Can Add To Your Meal-Plan

Have you had enough of the commonplace roti with all your meals? Fret not for India is a land of breads, with endless options to offer. Either have them like the natives do or experiment by pairing them in your own way. Let’s take a look at some of the breads you should definitely have.

1. Sheermal

Straight from the royal kitchens of Awadh, the sheermal promises nothing less than royalty. One bite into a sheermal and you know what sets it apart from the rest. It is fluffy and mildly sweet. The yeast helps to leaven the bread and sweet, flavored milk works the rest of the magic, while it bakes in a tandoor. Traditionally, it is paired with kebabs or meat curries. However, it goes just as well with vegetarian options or by itself.

2. Chilla

A North Indian favorite, the cheela is made from a variety of ingredients, the most common being besan or pulses. Common accompaniments include green coriander chutney or garlic pickle. Extremely healthy and filling, the cheela has great potential to be experimented with.

3. Pitha

The pitha is eaten throughout the East of India. Rice, a staple of the region, finds form in this rice cake made from rice flour. The filling in pitha may be sweet or savory. Sweet pithas make for delicious desserts. While, savory pithas are wholesome and pair well with a variety of dishes. Pithas are fried, steamed or baked as per the need of the preparation. Therefore, it is quite a multitasker of a dish.

4. Litti

A favorite in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, a litti is a small dough ball. The outer covering is made of wheat flour while the filling consists of sattu or gram flour. Traditionally, the litti is roasted over coal and then dunked in generous amounts of ghee. What results is a preparation that is delectable and filling at the same time.

5. Lawaas

Lawaas is one of Kashmir’s lovely breads. It is made from white flour and is characterized by small blisters from baking in tandoors. Lawaas is coupled with flavorsome curries as well as jam and butter. The locals swear by it and often have it for breakfast.

6. Neer Dosa

Essentially, a part of Mangalorean cuisine, neer dosa translates to water dosa. It is a delicate, white crepe made from rice flour. Unlike other dosas, the batter for neer dosa is not fermented. Its simplicity allows for it to be the perfect bread to pair with more flavorful side dishes. Light and versatile, there is no way you can keep count of how many neer dosas you’ve downed.



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