6 Magical Twists That Can Turn Your Fajita Into A ‘Desi’ Snack

Fajitas are pretty simple to put together and amazingly delicious to devour. However, have you ever given a thought about ‘desifying’ this Mexican treat? If not, we would suggest you better do now because it’s just too good to ignore. So without any further delay, head to the kitchen right away and try these Indian fillings in your fajita.

1. Tandoori Chicken Fajita

Yes, you read that right. Tandoori. Chicken. Fajitas! Spiced, tender grilled chicken adorned with crisp-tender vegetables, snuggled up in a warm tortilla- is there anything not to love and drool here?

2. Mixed Veggie Fajita

Here’s the best vegetarian fajita you’ll ever try. All you need are a handful of black beans and some roasted peppers and onions and voila, you’re good to go. In case you’re too meat-focused, worry not, you wouldn’t miss a thing in this fajita.

3. Paneer cheese fajita

Here’s a recipe that’ll surely make you drool as it combines the best of everything. Bring the spicy paneer tikkas with the all-time favourite cheese and indulge in the gooeyness of the fajita.

4. Keema Matar Fajita

Give the Indian keema a Mexican makeover! You can never go wrong with minced meat, so season it with a mix of Indian spices and roll it up in a tortilla. Trust us, you’ll keep wanting for more.

5. Fajita Kabab

If you have a thing for kebabs, here’s your go-to recipe. Introduce that glorious skewer of kebab to your humble fajita and taste for yourself, what a delectable duo they make.

6. Roasted Chickpea Fajitas

Here’s your healthy take on fajitas – season chickpeas with fresh lime juice and fajita spices and roast until crispy. Stuff them into a warm tortilla and let your taste buds soar up in pure ecstasy while maintaining the fit-n-fine trend.

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