10 Times Lasagna Was The Only Food That Was Worth It

Is there a perfect dish? Well, yes perhaps there is. It can be Butter Chicken to some, it could be Rajma Chawal to some. But there is really truly one dish that is universally perfect. It is there steaming hot, or frozen cold, or gleaming with veggies, or sticking within cheese. Lasagna is comfort and fanciness rolled into one, and baked to perfection as the ideal dish to make to impress upon someone is also the most lets-sit-in-sweats-bingewatch-series.

1. The Classic

When you needed something delicious and warm for your date night.

2. The Smokey Cheese

When you wanted to feel the hot cheese sizzle on your tongue.

3. Lasagna Primavera

When there were veggies leftover, but you wanted something with some pizzaazz.

4. Cheese Tomato Lasagna

When you wanted to have a brunch-perfect day at home.

5. Seafood Lasagna

When you sought comfort but also something out of the box.

6. Chicken Lasagna

When you want a little cheesy, a little meaty, a little crunchy and yum!

7. Spinach Lasagna

When you wanted to pretend to be healthy.

8. Pesto Lasagna

When you wanted to eat something flavourful and smooth with so much extra cheese.

9. Lasagna Cubes

When you wanted something milky and sinful.

10. Chocolate Lasagna

When you craved for so much sweet, but lasagna was still your love.

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