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7 Times Winter Was Mostly About Delicious Food

Chilly winter nights, bonfire, new grains and sweet folk music. Sounds familiar? Yes, it’s time for the heart festival of Punjab – Lohri. And because it’s Lohri, it is hard to resist the urge to binge eat. And indulge you must, for its going to be a whole year before you can eat these scrumptious delicacies again.

Here is our pick of the most delicious foods that come to our mind when we think of Lohri.

Sarson Ka Saag and Makki Ki Roti

Any kind of winter celebration is incomplete without the classic combination of sarson ka saag and makki ki roti. This simple yet lip smacking meal in itself, topped with dollops of butter, is just what we need on a chilly evening.

Ganne Ki Kheer

One delicious recipe we all look forward to during Lohri is ganne ki kheer. The thick, creamy texture of this sugarcane byproduct lures all our taste buds and we want to keep having more.

Atta Ladoos

Didn’t we love devouring these ladoos during our childhood days? Made by mixing roasted wheat flour with sugar syrup and lots of dry fruits and nuts, atta ladoos is yet another winter favourite prepared specifically ahead of Lohri.

Til Ki Gajjak

A crunchy, sugary delight that is just a slice of heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth. Of course sesame seed is the true hero of this sweetmeat but the old classic gajjak also contains ghee, khoya and sugar.


Chikki is a desi comfort food that beats all the winter blues. Loaded with flavour, there is nothing quite like munching on nutty chikki bit with a cup of steaming hot tea on a cold winter evening.


Similar to Til ki Gajjak but smaller in size, revari and roasted peanuts make for a classic combination- something you’d like to fill your pockets with and munch on as you sit around the Lohri bonfire.

Murmura Ladoo

Lohri also means it’s time to stock the pantry with several packets of crispy murmura ladoos. Balls of crispy puffed rice glazed with jiggery are just what you need when those food cravings strike.



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