Before Navratra Begins Eat All The Meat You Can

Navratra is here again! The whole nation not only unites in a religious spirit but also sacrifices their dearest foods for nine days. And it’s no easy affair. After all, it’s food- a man’s ticket to happiness.

Before beginning your fast, you and your taste buds definitely deserve some moments of pure happiness. Here’s a list of all scrumptious foods that you must binge on before Navratra begins.

1. Chicken Shawarma

Treat your taste buds to some juicy, tender, well-seasoned meat because you’ll definitely miss some during Navratra.

2. Mutton Galouti Kebab

Relish a plate full of these melt-in-your-mouth kebabs as your loyalties are shifting for the next nine days.

3. Tandoori Momos

Indulge in these little pockets of happiness before your craving for momos hits hard during Navratra.

4. Kathi Rolls

Roll up your sleeves and dig your teeth into a tempting kathi roll as your gear up for the fasting season.

5. Chicken Cheese Burger

Order yourself a meaty burger with onion rings because you can have neither for the next nine days.

6. Fish Tikka

Delve in a spicy and tangy blend of tikkas and your taste buds will soar in a flavourful ecstasy.

7. Bacon wrapped chicken

We don’t need a reason to have bacon. And when it comes wrapped in a juicy chunk of meat, it’s a slice of heaven on plate.

8. Butter Chicken with Naan

Is there even a better pairing? Dive into a plate of this Indian classic and relish this meaty affair before Navratra begins.

9. Mutton Nihari

If you’re in love with mutton, look no further. Go on a Nihari quest and you’ll dread the coming Navratra days.

10. Pepperoni  Pizza

There’s no better way to treat yourself than by enjoying a slice of pepperoni pizza, especially when you’re giving up on meat for the next few days.

11. Chilly Chicken

Here’s an all-time favourite. Pair it up with some fried rice or noodles and enjoy a hearty spicy supper.

12. Butter Garlic Prawns

Loaded with fresh herbs and tossed in a creamy butter garlic sauce, this dish is every seafood lover’s delight. If you’re one, you must go for a platter today.



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